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Are you tired of the PPSSPP crash errors and you’re looking for a way to fix PPSSPP has stopped working errors on your Android device? If yes, then we’ve got you covered in this article you’re reading on PPSSPPGamesPlanet.

The PPSSPP app is arguably the best PSP emulator in the world and it has been around for a very long time, most PSP games are played through this emulator on an Android, or iOS device and even on Windows and macOS PC. This emulator is perfect but sometimes it crashes when one tries to play a game and that could be caused by one or two factors.

That’s why in today’s article, we’re going to show you you can fix PPSSPP has stopped working error on your Android device, the tutorial is pretty straightforward and if you follow it well, you’ll be able to overcome the PPSSPP crashing error on your Android device.

What Causes PPSSPP Has Stopped Working?

There are a lot of factors that can determine the cause of PPSSPP has stopped error but we’re going to highlight the common causes of this error for you below, so read through them as they can help you identify why the PSP emulator crashes on your Android device and also how to fix it.

  • Corrupted ISO File – One of the main causes of a crashing PPSSPP app is a corrupted ISO file, if you downloaded a PSP ISO file that has been corrupted, once you launch the game on your PSP emulator, it will crash immediately or when you’ve played the game halfway.
  • Wrong Graphics Settings– This is another reason why you see unfortunately PPSSPP has stopped working. Every game has its different graphics settings on the PPSSPP app, the graphics settings used on games like God of War or Pro Evolution Soccer can’t be used on games that are less bulky.
  • Insufficient Memory (RAM) – If you don’t have adequate memory space on your Android device, anytime you launch a game on the PSP emulator and the game needs a lot of memory to run smoothly and if there’s none available, your PSP emulator will crash and you’ll see the PPSSPP has stopped working error on your Android device.
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How to Fix PPSSPP Has Stopped Working on Android

Since we’ve highlighted the causes of the PPSSPP crashing error, now it’s time to provide the solutions that’ll work for the identified problems, we’ve provided 3 different methods you can use to fix PPSSPP has stopped working error on your Android device.

fix ppsspp has stopped

Method 1: Download a Genuine ISO File

A corrupted ISO file is no good and most times we’ve seen people provide modified ISO files, sometimes they’re broken and when you try to launch them on PPSSPP, because they’re broken, the PSP emulator will crash right away, in order to fix that. Make sure you’re downloading the original PSP ROMs from the right sources.

Method 2: Optimize PPSSPP Graphics Settings

A wrong graphics settings can cause games to lag on the PPSSPP app and this will eventually lead to the PSP emulator crashing on your Android device. However, this is a minor problem that can be fixed and while there are many steps involved, we’ve decided to shorten the process and therefore provide you with the best graphics settings on PPSSPP to fix PPSSPP has stopped errors on Android.

Steps to Optimize PPSSPP Graphics Settings

Follow the steps below if you want to know how to optimize PPSSPP graphics settings on your Android device in order to reduce game lagging and crashing on the PPSSPP app.

  1. Open your PPSSPP app on your Android device then click on Settings. Now Scroll down to the Graphics section and click on it, click Frameskipping and Set it Off.
  2. Set Frameskipping to “1” and make sure the “Auto Frameskip” is Unchecked.
  3. Now go to “Post Processing Shader” and set the option to Off. Once done, make sure not to check Fullscreen mode.
  4. Click on “Rendering Resolution” and click “Auto 1:1” then uncheck VSync. For “Mipmapping”, Check it and also Check “Hardware Transform”.
  5. Check “Software Skinning”, Check “Vertex Cache” and also Check “Lazy Texture Caching (Speedup)”.
  6. Check “Disable Slower Effects (Speedup)”, and also click on “Spline/Bezier Curves Quality”, and set the option to low.
  7. The next step is to click on “Upscale Level” and set the option to either Auto or Off. Sometimes it’s better to leave it off.
  8. For “Anisotropic Filtering”, set the option to be Off, then click on “Texture Filtering” and Select “Nearest”.
  9. For “Screen Scalin Filter”, Click on “Linear”. Once done with all the steps, close the PPSSPP emulator and reopen it again then try any of your PSP games on the emulator once again, that should fix PPSSPP has stopped error on your Android device.
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Method 3: Clear PPSSPP Cache and Data

The last possible solution to fix PPSSPP has stopped error on your Android device is to clear everything about the app and that includes clearing the cache and data on the PPSSPP emulator on your Android device. To do that, press and hold on the PPSSPP emulator on your device’s home screen, then click on App Infor > then click on Storage > Clear Cache and Data.


That’s all on how to fix PPSSPP has stopped error on Android devices, if you don’t get the steps involved do feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you right away.

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