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You might have downloaded the PPSSPP emulator on your PC and now you’re looking for a way to extract PPSSPP games on your PC in order to play the downloaded PSP games on your PC. Well, this guide is all you need in order to extract downloaded zipped PSP games on your Windows and macOS PC.

When it comes to downloading and playing PSP games, most times PSP game file does have the .ISO or .CSO extension but when you download them from third-party websites, you’ll see these games have a .zip file extension. That’s because they’ve been archived and the only way around is to extract the real .ISO or .CSO file out.

That’s why in this article on PPSSPPGamesPlanet, we’re going to show you how to extract PPSSPP games on PC. This tutorial is for those who want to play PPSSPP games on PC. If you’ll like to know how to play PSP games on PC, you can check one of our articles on how to download PPSSPP games on PC.

How to Extract PPSSPP Games on PC

Extracting PPSSPP games on PC is very easy and you don’t need many tools to get it done, all you have to do is get one or two needed tools that are listed below and you’ll be good to go.

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Prerequisites Needed To Extract PSP Games on PC

Below are some of the files and software needed if you want to extract PSP games on your PC. It’s actually simple files and software you’ll be needing though, you can check them below.

  • File Extractor – A file extractor is well needed if you want to extract PPSSPP games on PC and some of the popular software for extracting compressed or archived files on PC is WinRAR, 7zip, and so on. Sometimes windows file explorer does come with a built-in file extractor so you won’t have to depend on third-party software.
  • Archived PSP File – You’ll need an archived PSP file as well. The archived PSP file is the game file you downloaded on your PC.
  • PPSSPP Emulator – You’ll need the PPSSPP emulator on your PC as well, once the downloaded PPSSPP game has been extracted, you’ll need to test if the game works perfectly.

Steps to Extract PPSSPP Games on PC 

To Extract PPSSPP Games on your Windows or macOS PC, follow the steps provided below. These steps were carried out on a Windows PC, but if you’re a macOS user, you can still follow the steps as well to get the whole process on your macOS PC.

Step 1: Download PPSSPP Game

To get started with this tutorial, the first thing you need to do is download a PSP game on your PC. You can either download the game as .ZIP or .RAR file on your PC. There are many websites you can visit to download PSP games for free on Android, iOS, and even on computers like Windows and macOS.

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Step 2: Download and Install WinRAR

Download WinRAR

Once you’ve downloaded the PSP game file on your PC, the next thing you need to do is download and install a file extractor, in this case, we’re going to suggest using WinRAR as the extractor that’ll be used for this tutorial. You can use the link below to download WinRAR for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows PC.

To install WinRAR on your Windows PC, follow the simple steps below.

  • Click on the WinRAR.exe file on your Windows PC.
  • Click Yes to Install the program on your PC.
  • Click on Install to start the installation process
  • Select the file extensions you’ll want to be extracting and press Ok to install.
  • Once installation is completed, press OK to close the installer.

Step 3: Extract PSP File

Now all you need to do to extract PPSSPP Games on your PC is to go to your download folder or any location you had saved the PSP game files you downloaded. Let’s say the name of the PSP game is Ape Academy.zip, right-click on the .zip folder, you’ll see different WinRAR options, click on Extract Files Here. Alternatively, you can extract files to the same folder as the name of the file you’re extracting.

Extract Game PSP File

Step 4: Launch PSP Emulator

Once you’ve extracted the PSP game, now launch the PPSSPP emulator on your PC and test the extracted PPSSPP game on your Windows PC. To do that, you need to browse the PSP ISO file from where you extracted it to do, once your PPSSPP Emulator has been launched, all you need to do is click on Browse and locate the game where you kept it.

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Extract PPSSPP Games


That’s all on how to extract PPSSPP Games on a PC. This method was carried out with a Windows PC, but if you’re using a macOS PC you can still follow this method because they’re all the same.

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