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The Warriors PPSSPP ISO is a classic game on the PlayStation Portable. This game is quite popular during its time and if you’re looking for a nice beat-em-up game to download. The Warriors should be on your list.

While it’s almost impossible to take PSP around these days, with the PPSSPP emulator, you can play any PSP game on your Android device. The Warriors happens to be one of these games, a similar game you’ll love is UFC 4 PPSSPP. They’re a bit different but martial arts is quite common in them.

In this article you’re reading on PPSSPPGamesPlanet, we will show you how to download The Warriors PPSSPP ISO File on your Android device. If you’ll like to download any PSP games, you can check our PPSSPP Games section for the best games to download.

About The Warriors

The Warriors was released in 2005 and it set off as an action-adventure game by Rockstar. This game is based on a cult movie and it follows up with the story of a gang named The Warriors. This game follows up with this gang as they fight their way through other rival gangs.

The Warriors PPSSPP ISO

Playing The Warriors is fun and the game is quite addictive as well. There are a lot of game modes to play, you’ll experience a unique gameplay style, cool features and nice graphics. So now let’s get started with downloading The Warriors PPSSPP ISO File on Android.

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The Warriors PPSSPP ISO Features

If you’re wondering what features The Warriors hold, they’re listed below for you to check out.

Smooth Gameplay Graphics

Playing The Warriors on PPSSPP doesn’t come with headaches, it’s unlike some games where you’ll have to deal with laggy gameplay experience or skipping soundtracks. The graphics in The Warriors PPSSPP ISO is perfectly optimized and even if you want to experience HD gameplay, you can optimise the graphics settings in your PPSSPP app.

Free Roam Mode

The Warriors isn’t much of an open-world game where players are allowed to roam freely even when not on a mission. Well, one of the features that make The Warriors a bit special is that there’s a free roam mode. Players can explore the game’s open-world environment even when not on admission. The Free Roam Mode allows players to engage in random street fights. Players can also discover items and hidden secrets.

Nice Story Plot

One of the primary game modes in The Warriors is Story Mode. in Story Mode, there’ll be video scenes to watch as one progresses through different chapters in the game. Another interesting part is that the game plot is focused on the Story Mode in the game. Other game modes are available but Story Mode stands to be the main one.

Game Modes

The Warriors PPSSPP ISO comes with exciting game modes and that’s why most people loved it when it was first released. Aside from the story mode, there are other game modes that can be played, from multiplayer modes to versus. The Warriors PPSSPP ISO is never boring. You can play Street Brawl, King of the Hill, Tagging and so on.

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The character list is another reason why The Warriors PSP is quite popular. The main character in the story mode is Swan and he’s the leader of The Warriors gang. There are other playable characters that can be used in the game. Most of these characters are used in other game modes in the game. Some other characters include Snow, Ajax, Cleon, Cowboy, Luther and so on.

The Warriors PPSSPP ISO Download Link

Use the download link below to download The Warriors PPSSPP ISO file on your Android device.

How to Install The Warriors PPSSPP on Android

Step 1: Download The Warriors PPSSPP ISO on your Android device via the download link provided above.

Step 2: You’ll need to have WinRAR or Zarchiver installed on your Android device. You can download any of the extracting tools from the Google Play Store.

Step 3: Now launch WinRAR or Zarchiver, then locate the downloaded The Warriors ISO, Extract the .RAR file, and then copy and move The Warriors PSP ISO out.

Step 4: Download and install PPSSPP Gold APK on your Android device. Now launch the emulator, then go to Setting > Graphics > Set Mode > Non-Buffered. Then Frame Skipping > 1.

The Warriors PSP


Now that you’ve downloaded The Warriors PSP ISO on your Android device. Don’t forget to leave a comment below, you can also check out some PSP games below as well.

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