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PES 2022 ISO PPSSPP is one of the finest football games you can download on your Android device. This game has been trending for a while now and most PSP lovers want to download and play it.

While you can download PES 2022 ISO on your Android device. You need to know that there are some files you need to download. These files carry the ISO, Texture and Save Data file. A similar football game like that is FIFA 21 PPSSPP ISo for Android.

If you want to download PES 2022 on your Android device. You can download PES 2022 ISO PPSSPP and this PES 2022 PS5 Camera can be downloaded at PPSSPPGamesPlanet. You’ll get the download links for the ISO, Save Data and Texture Files.


PES 2022 is one of the best ppsspp football games you can download on your Android device. This game comes with a lot of updates, although it is a modded version but that is not a problem for it. While downloading and playing PES 2022 on your PPSSPP emulator, you’ll be able to explore some new features, new game updates and a better gameplay experience.

PES 2022 PSP

The big update on PES 2022 is quite much. You’ll get a PS5 camera experience when you download this game on your Android device. Playing PES 2022 PSP ISO is fun, there are different updates that came with the game. If you want to enjoy a top PSP football gameplay experience, then this PES 2022 ISO is what you need to download on your Android device.

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PES 2022 ISO PPSSPP Features

There are a lot of features that came with PES 2022 and some of the features have been highlighted below. We’ve provided a detailed description of all the new features that have been added to the game. So let’s get started as well introduce you to the features and updates made on PES 2022 ISO.

Improved Graphics

One of the big updates that came with this game is the improvements in graphics. This has to do with the Texture files. Once you download and place them in the right PSP folder, you’ll see a difference in display. The improved graphics have made the players look more realistic, the pitch looks better and the fans as well. You’ll be able to see the real faces of every player, all goal scenes will be shown clearly as well.

Fixed Controls

In the previous updates, most people complained about the controls and how they get stuck over time. This has been a problem that has been happening in most PES PSP ISO Games. But the good news is that the issues have been fixed in this update. The controls are working perfectly now, you can also change the directions of the controls. You’ll be able to move any players, dribble and score stunning goals.

Updated Player List

The players have been updated as well, and most summer and winter transfers have been concluded in this update. All players that have been from one club to another have been updated and that includes their squad numbers. Clubs like LFC, Manchester City and Man United have all been updated with their latest squad. There’s also an option to move players from one club to another.

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PS5 Camera Mode

This is one of the most anticipated features in PES 2022 ISO PPSSPP. There are different camera modes you can use while in a match. But the latest update has included PS5 Camera Mode to its list of camera modes. In order to be able to use this camera display. You’ll need to download the patch file and place it in your PSSPP folder.

PES 2022 ISO PPSSPP Game Modes

Another cool feature of PES 2022 ISO PPSSPP is the game modes that can be played. We’ve highlighted the game modes below, you can check them and see the one that suits you better.

Exhibition Mode

The Exhibition mode in PES 2022 ISO PPSSPP is one of the most common modes you can play. This mode will let you select one team or club and then play against an opposition that can either be a club or a national team. In this mode, you can set our difficulty levels, pitch conditions and so on.

Master League

Master League is arguably one of the best football game modes. The Master League is a journey on its own. You’ll need to select your team or create one, then you’ll have to play through a series of cup competitions. You’ll be able to sell and buy players, you’ll get to monitor your player’s physique and other activities as well. You’ll love to play Master League mode in PES 2022 ISO PPSSPP.

Become A Legend

In FIFA 14 PPSSPP, Become a Legend is a very popular game mode there. In this mode, you’ll on only need to walk on a journey to be a legendary player. You’ll only need to select your favourite player and play in one team throughout your career. The legendary status will only be recognized when you’ve completed your career and won many trophies.

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PES 2022 ISO PPSSPP (PES 2022 PS5 Camera) Details

Name eFootball PES 2022
Release Year 2022
Developer Konami
Game Size 1.4GB
OS Version Android 7.0 and higher
Gameplay Mode Offline
RAM Needed 4GB RAM
Total Downloads ———-
Last Updated March 18, 2023
Ratings 4.5

PES 2022 ISO PPSSPP Download Links

If you want to download this game on your Android device and play via the PPSSPP emulator. Use the download links below for all the files. The download links contain the ISO, Save Data and Texture Files.

How to Install PES 2022 ISO PPSSPP on Android

If you want to know how to set up PES 2022 on your PPSSPP emulator. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is download the files via the download link that has been provided above. Once you’ve done that, download and install Zarchiver APK from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Now that you’ve downloaded the file, open your Zarchiver, then locate the downloaded PES 2022 ISO file. Now click on it to extract the files to your PSP Folder.

Step 3: Extract the file to your Internal Storage/PSP. Once done, now launch your PPSSPP emulator.

Step 4: Before the game can work, you’ll need to change the default language settings of your PPSSPP emulator to Espanol (America Latina) now launch the PES 2022 ISO and begin to play.



That is all about PES 2022 PSP ISO. The game works perfectly and also make sure you download all the required files. Follow the installation prompts and you’ll be good to go.

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