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Rumble Racing is a PS2 Game that can be played on PPSSPP, so if you want to download Rumble Racing PPSSPP on your Android device, you’ve come to the right place to get the download link for this game.

Looking at one of the fun racing games on PS2, We’ll see that Rumble Racing is one of those few games you can play on your PS2. This game has many features and while the graphic looks minimal, you’ll still find it enjoyable to play on Android.

In today’s topic on PPSSPPGamesPlanet, we’re going to present you with the direct download link for Rumble Racing PPSSPP, you’ll be able to download this game on your Android device, but you’ll be using the PS2 emulator to play it and not the PSP emulator. If you love playing PSP games on Android, you can check out our PPSSPP Games section for more PSP games.

About Rumble Racing

Rumble Racing is a popular racing game on the PlayStation 2 console, this game was released back in 2001 and ever since then, it has been almost every PS2 lover’s favourite racing game. On Google, over 97% of users love this game and that’s because of the amazing gameplay and features that it has. Rumble Racing PPSSPP is very addictive and it has different features and game modes.

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Rumble Racing PS2

This game as I have said before that it is a PS2 game but if you’ll like to play it on your Android device, then it means you’ll be downloading it has Rumble Racing PPSSPP, but technically. The playing process requires a PlayStation 2 emulator and that’s where DamonPS2 Pro does come in.

Rumble Racing PPSSPP Features

There are a lot of features in this game, from graphics settings to game modes, vehicle types, tracks and so on. Below are some of the features of Rumble Racing on PlayStation 2.

Different Game Modes are Available

When it comes to the game modes you can play on Rumble Racing, there are different game modes in this game, you can play as a single-player and in the single-player mode, there’s a championship mode, single race mode, stunt challenges and so on. There’s also a multiplayer mode where you and other players will play in a split-screen mode.

Simple Stunning Graphics

Graphics quality is another thing to look out for while playing Rumble Racing on PPSSPP, this game has smooth graphics, and you’ll be able to see all objects, tracks and any visible thing inside the game. You can also tweak the graphics quality to look better than expected.

Different Weapon Options

There is room for weapons since Rumble Racing is a competitive racing game. You’ll need to slow down other racers by destroying their cars, you can use bombs, rockets and other heavy weapons to destroy cars. You can also use powerups to speed up your race and also make you give gaps to other racers.

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Different Car Options

There are many cars in Rumble Racing, 11 cars have been unlocked already once you start taking races in the game, but there are a total of 36 cars in Rumble Racing and the best way to unlock these cars is by completing cup competitions and also finding Easter Eggs, once you’ve found all Easter Eggs and also completed some cup competitions, you’ll be able to unlock all cars.

Cheat Codes Support

Using cheat codes is one of the best ways to enjoy a highly competitive racing game like Rumble Racing PPSSPP. There are different cheat codes you can use in this game, it supports cheat codes, some of the cheat codes that can be unlocked on Rumble Racing include the following cheats: Unlocks Cataclysm vehicle, Falls Down track, and Pro Cup 2.

Rumble Racing PPSSPP Download Link

If you want to download Rumble Racing on your Android device, use the download link below to download the Rumble Racing ISO file, PS2 Emulator and also PS2 Bios Files.

How to Install Rumble Racing PPSSPP on Android

If you want to play Rumble Racing on your Android device via the PS2 emulator, kindly follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Download the Rumble Racing PS2 ISO file via the download link provided above, then once done, download the DamonPS2 Pro APK and the BIOS File.

Step 2: Install DamonPS2 Pro on your Android device, make sure you allow third-party access for the APK to be installed on your Android device.

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Step 3: On your Android device, extract the DamonPS2 BIOS File to the same location as the download Rumble Racing PS2 ISO File.

Step 4: Launch the DamonPS2 Pro on your Android device, then load the BIOS file, automatically it’ll load the Rumble Racing ISO File, and you can then begin to play the game perfectly on your Android device.

Rumble Racing PPSSPP


That’s all about downloading and playing Rumble Racing on your Android device. Don’t forget to leave a comment below just in case the game doesn’t work for you or you’re missing some important installation steps.

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