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Have you ever thought of downloading highly compressed ppsspp games on your Android device? Whether you have or not. There’s a way to go around downloading compressed PSP games and you’ll find out how in this article you’re reading on PPSSPPGamesPlanet.

While there are plenty of websites to download ppsspp games normally. Most of these websites don’t have PSP games that are compressed, but this listicle is quite different and here, you’ll get games that are super compressed.

Suppose you’re looking for a liable source to download ppsspp games highly compressed on Android. We’ve handpicked the best websites where you can download PSP Games Under 30MB and highly compressed ppsspp games under 50MB.

List of The Best Websites to Download PPSSPP Games Highly Compressed

With the list of websites we’ve provided below, downloading ppsspp games that are compressed won’t be an issue anymore.

1. PPSSPPKING – https://www.ppssppking.com/

ppsspp games highly compressed

When it comes to downloading compressed ppsspp games for free. One of the websites I enjoy most is PPSSPPKING. There’s a lot to why you’ll prefer this website. On PPSSPPKING, you’ll find it very easy to download compressed PSP games on your Android device. This website has different varieties of ppsspp games that are compressed.

PPSSPPKING offers games from different categories, you’ll find ppsspp football games, multiplayer games and also racing games. The download links on PPSSPPKING are always functional, and most games hosted on this website work perfectly. They’re highly compressed and there are also installation guides for all games.

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2. SafeROMs – https://www.saferoms.com/

ppsspp games highly compressed

SafeROMs is one of the best websites where you can get everything that relates to compressed games. Be it PSP games or PS2 games, this website is perfect for all and that’s one of the reasons why SafeROMS is so popular. Getting started on SafeROMs, you’ll be able to download ultra compressed ppsspp games. There are 1GB of games that have been compressed to just 50MB on SafeROMS.

Another reason to use SafeROMS is that you’ll get tutorials. There are different tutorials for game installation, PSP emulators and also emulators that’ll let you play PS2 or PC games on your Android device. Downloading games on SafeROMs is completely safe. You’ll be able to download all sorts of compressed ppsspp games for free without hassles.

3. DX Tech Android – https://www.dxtechandroid.com/

DX Tech Android

One of the best websites for finding PSP games that are compressed is DX Tech Android. You’ll find this website amusing because you can download Downhill 200MB PPSSPP on it for free. There are other compressed games that are made available as well, finding the right compressed ppsspp games on DX Tech Android won’t be a difficult thing to do.

Downloading PSP games on DX Tech Android isn’t a difficult thing to do. If you need football games, adventure games or any type of PSP game. You’ll find them all on DX Tech Android. You can also visit the DX Tech Android YouTube Channel for tutorials on ppsspp games.

4. Droid Gamer – https://droidgamer.net/psp/


Droid Gamer is another website we might as well recommend if you’re looking for a place to get PSP games. This website provides normal games and compressed games, you’ll find what you’re looking for on Droid Gamer. Droid Gamer is a tech website but that doesn’t stop ppsspp games download.

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You will get installation steps for any game on Droid Gamer, this website is one of the best sites to download ppsspp games highly compressed. You can search for games easily and the website has a smooth interface that makes navigation easy. Droid Gamer might not have unlike some other websites, but you’ll still find some cool ppsspp games there.


Overall, these are websites where you’ll be able to download ppsspp games that are compressed. You might not find a huge library of ppsspp games on any of the websites listed above. But if you’re looking for popular PSP games that are compressed, you’ll find them on the websites listed above. Downloading highly compressed ppsspp games have been made easy with these websites.

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