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There are easier ways to download God of War 2 PPSSPP 200MB on Android. If you’ve been looking for the right way to do so, you’re in the right spot. In a similar article to this, you’ll find the download links for God of War 1 PPSSPP. Well, this article is quite similar and it is perfect for gamers who want to play God of War 2 PS2 ISO.

God of War 2 is a very popular war game on the PlayStation 2 gaming console. Despite how old the game is, a lot of people still want to play it. In God of War 2, you’ll find fast-paced gameplay, brutal hack-slash and a lot more. But what makes this game even more fun to play is the storyline, graphics, weapons and Kratos’s abilities.

In this article you’re reading on PPSSPPGamesPlanet, you’ll get the direct download link for God of War 2 PPSSPP Highly Compressed 200MB for Android. If you’d like to play PS2 Games on Android, we’ve got plenty of them in our PS2 games category. So let’s begin with downloading God of War 2 PSP ISO for Android.

About God of War 2 PPSSPP

God of War 2 followed up after Kratos defeated the former God of War called Aries. While defeating Aries, Kratos became the God of War for some years until the Gods of Olympus betrayed him. He had lost his power as the God of War, and then he planned on taking revenge by wiping out all Gods. His main objective was to destroy Zeus but doing so, it cost him his life and he was cast down to the depth of Hades.

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God of War 2 ISO

God of War 2 PPSSPP is a game you’ll enjoy playing. Since it has been compressed, you surely have nothing to worry about. There are other 200MB PS2 games like Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks and Resident Evil 4 that you can download.

God of War 2 was developed by Santa Monica Studio and they’ve been the developer for most God of War Games. There are a lot of reasons why you’ll want to play GOW 2 PPSSPP on your Android device. The game is quite amazing on its own, also packed nice graphics and different cutscenes from the story mode. Downloading God of War 2 PPSSPP has been simplified, you’ll get the compressed iso, emulator and installation guide.

Features of God of War 2 PPSSPP

Aside from the name, there are a lot of factors that have made God of War 2 quite very popular. Most of these factors are considered to be the features and there are plenty of them. While you might be interested in downloading the game right away, check the features out.

Improved Graphics and Visuals

One of the significant features of God of War 2 is the improved graphics. God of War 2 has better graphics displayed compared to God of War 1. There are new stunning visuals in the game, you’ll experience more detailed environments, improved animations and character models. The gameplay graphics in God of War 2 has been improved for a better gameplay experience. Playing God of War 2 on Android also boosts the graphics quality automatically.

New Weapons and Abilities

Weapons and abilities are one of the unique features of God of War. In God of War 2, Kratos got new weapons and abilities. Players can now access weapons such as Blades of Olympus, The Spear of Destiny, Eyes of Atlantis and so on. For abilities, new abilities such as Cronos Earthquakes and so on have been added to the game. You’ll be able to use Kratos in a stronger form than ever. God of War 2 PPSSPP is quite amazing and it is a must-play game.

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Epic Boss Battles

This is another feature that has made God of War 2 worth playing, there are a lot of boss battles in the game. From the beginning of the game, your first boss battle encounter will be against the Colossus of Rhodes. As you progress in the game, other boss battles will be against the Barbarian King and the Sisters of Fate. Of course, there’s a showdown against Zeues but he’ll escape.

God of War 2 PPSSPP

Time Manipulation Mechanics

This is another feature in God of War 2 PPSSPP. The game comes with a time manipulation feature. This feature does come in handy when you have to solve puzzles. Players can also use the time manipulation feature to slow down enemies. With the time manipulation feature, you can slow down time and also rewind time. There are a lot of features in God of War 2, but this is arguably one of the best.

Exploration and Puzzle-Solving

God of War 2 is based on Greek mythology and this leaves room for exploration. The game is more of an open-world game where players can move and explore freely. Some of the features that have made God of War games very popular is the puzzle-solving nature. There are a lot of puzzles that need solving. Most of these puzzles are not always easy to come by but they can be sorted out.

God of War 2 PPSSPP Download Link

If you want to download God of War 2 PPSSPP on your Android device. A download link has been provided below, there’s also an installation guide you can follow.

How to Install God of War 2 PPSSPP on Android

Before you engage in the steps below, understand that this game is a PS2 game and you’ll need a PS2 emulator before you’ll be able to play it. Follow the steps below to know how to begin.

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Step 1: The first thing you need to do is download the God of War 2 PPSSPP ISO File. Use the download link above, on the download page, click on Download ISO, and wait for the download to get initiated.

Step 2: After the downloading process has been completed. Now you need to download the PS2 BIOS on your Android device and also download the DamonPS2 Pro emulator. You’ll need a decompressing tool as well. You can download either WinRAR or Zarchiver from the Google Play Store.

Step 3: Once you’ve installed DamonPS2 Pro on your Android device. Launch Zarchiver on your Android device and locate the PS2 BIOS file. Click on it, then select Extract.

Step 4: After extracting the BIOS file, now launch the DamonPS2 Pro emulator. Click Import BIOS. Locate the Bios File that you extracted on your Android device and import it.

Step 5: Now you need to extract the downloaded God of War 2 PPSSPP 200MB ISO File. Launch your Zarchiver Pro app again. Locate the God of War 2 PS2 ISO file, extract it then move to the next step.

Step 6: Now open DamonPS2 Pro, then click on Add Game. Now locate the ISO file of God of War 2 PPSSPP. Click on it and wait while the game launches. You can now change the control settings, the display mode is automatically set to Portrait, and you can change it back to Landscape mode.

God of War 2 ISO PPSSPP


Now that you’ve downloaded God of War 2 on your Android device. Hopefully, you’re able to have a nice gameplay time. Playing a game like God of War on your touchscreen device won’t be easy. But there’s a way you can play it better, you only need a controller to do the rest for you.

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